Core series

Silk silk is stored in a constant temperature, constant humidity environment

Summer quilt series

The silk quilt in the new century is characterized by its "empty", "loose", "even" and "net"

Adult pillow series

Silk contains 18 essential amino acids, the finest and most beautiful natural fiber in nature.

Baby pillow series

Noble and gorgeous, Athens is fresh and has become an indispensable treasure in the fashionable family space.
Tongxiang Tengfei Co., Ltd. is located in Zhouquan Town, Tongxiang City, which is extremely rich in silkworm resources. Zhouquan Town has always been a tradition of “destroying silk and silk, and the mother and daughter of the family”.

Founded in 1990, the company is the earliest professional manufacturer of silk quilts in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The company has more than 50 sewing machines and more than 10 sewing machines. The annual production of silk is more than 500,000.

The silk quilt produced by the company, after years of technological improvement, uses clever manual craftsmanship technology to form a unique new technology of “scientific deodorization and pollution-free, hand-drawn net cascading”

Soaring has a long history and is well-made. Dedicated to quality, product excellence. After a long period of ingenuity, in the face of the insufficiency of traditional silk being washed, Cai Yingxian, the company's chairman who served as the vice president of the Tongxiang Silk Clothing Industry Association in 2008, took the lead in designing a thin washable quilt. This kind of quilt is made of the fine silkworm pupa. It takes 12 production processes from silk stripping to making quilt, and it is made by advanced technology to reduce the hydrophilicity of silk.

The fabrics of the washable silk quilt are interwoven with silk and silk. The silk only passes through the physical process to ensure its anti-adhesiveness, so that it is not sticky, not knotted or deformed after washing. At present, the company strengthens R&D efforts in the process of degumming, drawing, quilting, fabrics and packaging of silk wool, introducing new technology and new technology, and constantly improving the scientific and technological content of the products.

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